Download Gandhi Jayanti Festival wishing Whatsapp Viral script For blogger

Download Happy Gandhi Jayanti Festival wishing Whatsapp Viral Script For Blogger – i think before reading this artical you must have heard about event blogging and you want to do festival wishing event blogging but you’re looking for a best guid and free script then you are in right place. Event blogging allows you to earn a lot of money.You may have seen or heard anywhere in YouTube or Facebook or even heard that people are earning thousands of dollars in just one day by event blogging .if you’re thinking that if they can, then why you should not ?

My answer is yes, you are thinking right, if you do a bit of smart work then you can earn a lot of money from event blogging too. All of you will know that Gandhi Jayanti event is on the way and you can do an amazing thing on this event, don’t miss out this event. If you already know what is event blogging and how to setup it. So you can download Gandhi Jayanti wishing script directly from Direct Download link given below and if you are new in event blogging then read this post carefully. I will explain you step by step here. So keep reading the post and creat a free Gandhi Jayanti wishing site on blogspot platform .

What is Event Blogging?

You can easily understand about this after the reading the title, in event blogging we do blogging on a particular topic or particular event by targeting them. this is the best way to get lots of traffic and money in a very short time.Targeting an event and blogging on a particular event such as india have many events like Holi, Deewali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Rakshabandhan, every year. Now the Gandhi Jayanti Event is upcoming, blogging on these topics is called event blogging. Means to target a special events. Many people write about that event and rank that post for more earning. writing this type articles related to that event to get traffic from the search engine is more difficult and need very hard work .

But in whatsapp Viral Wishing script you don’t need hard work and Don’t need to write a artical, you just need a domain name and festival wishing script. For wishing event blogging you have to choose a perfect blogging platform from WordPress or blogger for event blogging. In my suggestion choose blogger platform .

Why choose the Blogger Platform for Event Blogging –

What will happen if you choose WordPress – you need a hosting to create a site in WordPress and you have to pay 7$ -8$ every month. If you choose a low priced hosting for event blogging then your hosting can’t be able to handle more traffic if your script will be viraled. You will not be able to earn anything because when the site is down, it will not open.

What will happen if you select Blogspot / Blogger – if you choose blogspot or blogger for event blogging then you can create a free site and your site will never be down as much traffic as you can. For this reason I asked you to choose blogger or blogspot for event blogging.

Download Gandhi Jayanti Whatsapp Viral Wishing script for Blogger

Here you have given google drive link, you can download it and open the file and copy the code and paste it in Notepad, which you have to edit a little bit on future. For download this script click below given download link.

Download Wishing Script

See Demo

You need to change or edit this Gandhi Jayanti wishing script –

Whatever Gandhi Jayanti wishing script you have downloaded, it will be easy to edit you just need to add your site link, place the Ads code and google analystic code, to know how to edit all of these steps Follow below –

[1] Add Google Analytics Code – To track the real traffic and online users of your site, you need to put google analytics code in this script. It is not necessary, but if you want to track the correct traffic of your site, definitely add it. If you do not want to add, then ignore this step and move to the next step.

To add a Google Analytics code, you do not have to do much more just follow some simple steps , first copy the google analytics code and In the most uper line of this script, you see a text (past analystic code here) after that past your analystic code.

[2] Place Ads Code – for get money from event blogging you have to place the ads code. Without any ads you can’t make any money. In this script you see “place your ads code here ” after or before this place your ads code. Mostly people are using here google Adsence for make money.

[3] Add your site URL – this is your final step go to the last line and there you see whatsapp sharing link and after that you see ” ” replace this link with your site url, you have created for event blogging.

How to set Gandhi Jayanti wishing script in Blogger –

First of all you have to create a free blog and you can also set up a domain. If you do not know how to create a free blog then you can read this post – how to create free blog
After that go to the theme option and select one of the below Contempo themes. After that you will see the revert to classic option in the last just click on it and click again. Now you can see the code adding box. Delete all the codes that are there, after this past Gandhi Jayanti Festival wishing script code which we have edited on notpad and of the navigation option.

Gandhi Jayanti Whatsapp Viral Wishing How to Viral Viral –

After creating a Wishing site, the problem of most people is how to viral the Wishing script. So you have to put more brains into it to learn how to do viral the script. One thing is that you have to do join many whatsapp groups to viral this script. you can find whatsapp group link from google or There are many apps available in the play store for whatsapp group joining, you can also join whatsapp group from there. But share in a good and active group.

So friends hope that after reading this post you have created one gandhi Jayanti Wishing site for event blogging by yourself . If you are having trouble to creating a Wishing Site then please comment below. All the best for your event blogging

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